About Us

For over 20 years, The Gifted and Talented Institute has provided exceptional youth with enriching experiences beyond the scope of everyday life.

Our mission is to nourish the appetites of dynamic, high-cognitive level, and imaginative youngsters by providing the challenges and mental dissonance that jar the mind. Our teachers, all experts in the areas they teach and working with children, foster an environment that enables gifted and talented children to positively interact with and learn from their intellectual peers. And our diverse course offerings each semester compel our students to think in the abstract, as well as hypothesize and problem solve. With classes in science, math, the law, writing, public speaking, chess, Mandarin, and cartooning, our students are able to expand their frames of reference and cultivate social attitudes that will help them become self-reliant leaders of tomorrow.
The Gifted and Talented Institute offers both fall and winter semesters. Maximum enrollment in each class ranges from 12 to 17, ensuring the small classroom atmosphere that allows academically talented children the opportunity to grow and shine.

Management Team

Christopher Patrick, Executive Director

Christopher Patrick, Executive Director, is responsible for the vision, strategy, administration, and general management of all Horizons in Learning business units. Dedicated to the education profession, Chris posesses a master’s degree in Educational Leadership, and is also a history teacher at Pompton Lakes High School, a position he’s held sincen 1997. Highly respected for his accomplishments in the classroom, Chris has been honored as Teacher of the Year and also serves as Advisor to the school’s chapter of the National Honor Society. In addition, he motivates and inspires kids outside of class through his role as Head Coach for the school’s cross-country team. In 1999, he became Executive Director of SEE Camp, and in 2004 he assumed the leadership role of The Gifted and Talented Institute. As an educator in all of these arenas, Chris prides himself on his ability to motivate his students to grow both as learners and individuals.