We’re proud to share our testimonials with you.

“Estelle Finkel’s professionals have worked very closely to develop a customized approach to enhancing and enriching our children’s school experience. Instead of a one size fits all approach, we like their devotion to the needs and capabilities of each child. I would not hesitate to suggest to other parents that they consider Estelle Finkel.”
-Marc M., Parent

“We’ve worked with Horizons in Learning/Estelle Finkel for several years, beginning when our first child was getting ready to apply to private school. Your tutors prepped both of my children for the ISEE exam incredibly well in a very short number of sessions, and each went into the test feeling confident and well-prepared (and achieved great results). Since that time, we’ve used your tutors to help our kids on and off in their math and science classes. Each of the tutors we’ve worked with has been excellent. Not only do our kids have much more thorough understanding of the material, but their self-confidence and enjoyment of these subjects has improved so much. Thank you!”
-Betsy Z., Parent

“One of our students raised his math score by 90 points and was awarded a $56,000 per year academic scholarship because of it.”
-J.S., High School Principal

“I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your help. You have given me the confidence I need to succeed on these standardized tests and you showed me that I could do this if I truly wanted to. I scored higher than I could ever imagine on the reading section of the ACTs and I have to say it is thanks to you.”
-S.J., Student

“Thank you so much for all your help over the past couple of years! You have really helped me reach my full potential. In the end, I got a 710 on Critical Reading, 800 in Math, and 760 on my writing in the SATs. I will be attending Northwestern University next fall. I could never have done it without you. Thank you so much!”
-N.W., Student