Our Instructors

As an independent organization with roots in our community and a long history of achievement, The Estelle Finkel Center for Learning attracts established and committed instructors who want to teach at a best-in-class institute.

On staff are reading and study skills specialists, math and science educators, learning consultants, guidance counselors, school psychologists, elementary teachers and preschool specialists. Most are full time teachers with master’s or doctoral degrees in their specialties. Others, also most with graduate degrees, are engaged in private industry but tutor from a love of teaching and a drive to see students succeed.

As the only institute in the area with a full staff to specifically address the development of a child from preschool to college, we are able to provide instructors ideally matched to each student’s academic level, learning style, and unique challenges or goals…every step of his or her educational journey. Our teachers are in it for the long haul, and approach each new student with the hope of building an enduring and successful relationship they can both take pride in.