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Nurturing the Abilities of the Gifted Child

by Horizons In Learning

Has your child recently been identified as gifted? Have you noticed that your child is more developmentally advanced than his or her peers? Does your child have superior abilities in cognitive, artistic, physical, musical or other areas of higher sensitivity? Parents can help to foster the gifted child’s insatiable appetite for exploration, learning, and…(Read More)

College Entrance Exams Explained

by Horizons In Learning

For many students, college is right around the corner. With test scores being a necessary part of the application process, many students and their parents may be confused by the many tests that are required. Below is a brief overview of the tests that colleges often require. Keep in mind, not all colleges require all…(Read More)

De-Stressing the College Search

by Horizons In Learning

Parents often ask, “When is the best time to begin the college planning process? Should we be talking about colleges with our children while they are still in middle school? Is it better to hold off until freshman year in high school? Or should we wait until the guidance counselor makes the first move? What…(Read More)

The Benefits of Tutoring

by Horizons In Learning

Research from the New Jersey Department of Education suggests that quality tutoring can benefit students in a number of ways, including: Improving student work habits. By building on the learning that takes place during the school day, tutoring can help students improve planning, organizing and the way they approach learning, projects and assignments. Personalization. Since…(Read More)

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